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HARi crm is an easy and simple CRM system. The ultimate crm software that helps big or Small and Medium Enterprises track and increase the revenue generated from their marketing database activities.

It took some time to develop, but using a microsoft dynamics crm technology we finally made a powerful cloud-based crm plateform that allows companies to develop, securely store and manage their customer databases in one place. With the assistance of our customer relationship marketing department, targeted initiatives can be created and executed on the clients database, in order to generate repeat business, improve loyalty and grow revenues sustainably.



HARI brings together ‘sleeping’ and disparate data living on multiple source into one cloud-based platform.


HARI combines the accumulated data into qualified, segmented and active customer databases.


HARI activates the databases through marketing campaigns carried out on multiple channels designed to boost customer returns, all while tracking results for correction and constant improvement.


Our Philosophy


Our operations are influenced by the textbook definition of permission marketing whereby a customer explicitly agrees in advance to receiving information about the sale of goods and services from a particular organisation. We don't stray from this, never have, never will.

02Understanding& Insight

An engaged and active database is built upon those who want to be on it and are receptive to the news it might bring. Tailoring this news to their interests is essential and leads to their ongoing involvement.


Symbiotic relationships are the best relationships. We believe that the more you know a client and feed them content that delights them, the greater their loyalty to you. It's not about the blast. It's about curation.


Protection is paramount. All the data HARi hosts is strictly confidential. What has been generated by the client, belongs to that client. It's for their activations and eyes only.


For a relationship to succeed and sustainably grow, both parties must be interested. If a database subscriber isn't delighted by what they receive, leaving the relationship and walking away is easy.


We believe in our practice and take great satisfaction in delivering the impossible. Anything is achievable when you remain optimistic and combine passion with profession.

Our Founder

Pierre stanghellini | Founder & Disruptive solutions provider

Few understand the desires of a marketing professional better than Pierre Stanghellini, who after working for nearly two decades as a manager and director for leading F&B groups was constantly faced with the same challenge – “How to clearly validate a marketing department’s actions and their contribution to business growth?” HARi answers the real world business problem faced by its creator, and is the embodiment of his practicality and passion. A serial entrepreneur and solutions enthusiast, Pierre also founded ATYPIC Consulting – an innovative consulting agency that strives to develop innovative client-centric strategies.


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EVENT : Thursday March 9th


The Power of CRM

A panel discussion set to explore the power of 'CRM'. With service industries under pressure to perform in 2017, the time is now to let data management unlock the keys to business growth and tailor both PR and marketing strategies.

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