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Three key areas that lead to success in hospitality


The route to successful customer loyalty

Turn corporate leads into successful events


Customer Relationship Management specially built

for hospitality professionals

Loyalty tracking and management specifically designed


Alain Decesse

CEO / Classified Group – Hong Kong

Acquiring a customer database, knowing your customer profile and understanding their needs has become in the recent years a key priority for any business who wants to stay afloat, let alone grow particularly in a competitive market.​ Being a small group of restaurants established for over 10 years, we always knew that our product offer was relevant, attractive and competitive but whilst we always focused on delivering the best quality of food and customer care, our understanding of the 1000’s of our daily customers was limited to just having their email address and nothing more.

With HARi expertise and Pierre’s knowledge, dedication and flexibility we have today the bespoke tools that have allowed us to capture accurate client profile, allowing us to engage with them in real time and we continue growing our database every day. ​ ​

Through the diversity of product offered by HARi and their precise data analytics not only we achieve a pro-active customer engagement and more frequent repeat business but we are able to convert our investment into revenue growth.


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