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Who is HARi ?

HARi is a full-service Sales & Marketing CRM agency working across 34 countries and multiple industries.

With over 20 years CRM experience, the team at HARi have built 3 innovative and dynamic CRM solutions that enable businesses to collect and consolidate accurate Data, and then, track their sales and marketing spend from prospects to profit with user-friendly reporting dashboards.

This combined with the team of Expert Creative Marketing Consultants, HARi is a one-stop shop for all your Sales and Marketing needs. HARi consultants will help your business work efficiently and effectively through CRM and targeted creative customer-centric marketing strategies.

Together, we convert your sleeping and disparate Data, into sustainable revenues.

What are we achieving ?

Through Intelligent Marketing and a toolkit of fully integrated Sales, Marketing and Data Analysis CRM systems, HARi will guide you and your business to increased efficiency and profitability.

Each system offers fully trackable and transparent user-friendly Data and dashboards to guide our clients and their businesses to the best results.

From restaurant groups to private jet brokers, start-ups to tech giants, for your business anywhere in the world.

Our beloved founders

Jean STANGHELLINIDirector / Founder
15 years of experience
French Wine
“ Walk or Die! ”

15 years of experience
Music, very loud
“ Future is not written… so I’m writing my future! ”

Vincent SCHWEITZERCTO / Founder
12 years of experience
“ I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination! ”