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3 innovative and dynamic CRM solutions that enable businesses to collect & consolidate accurate data and then track their sales and marketing spend from prospects to profit.

“A cloud-based CRM and Data analysis platform”

This is our all-in-one CRM designed to be quick, efficient and user-friendly, it is an in-valuable sales and marketing tool that will help grow your business from day one!

“An integrated e-loyalty management platform.”

HARi e-loyalty is our user-friendly e-loyalty solution which offers tangible data showing repeat business from your customers.

Implemented as an iOS app, businesses can experiment with our intuitive plug and play design from tiers and management of customers to voucher generated rewards and e-cards.

“An user-friendly offline sales CRM system”

HARI sales is a sales force toolbox in one platform that works off-line so that your sales force can work in any circumstance. It is fully intuitive with sales optimization and 100% integrated with HARi crm. The app is available on iOS and offers a complete user-experience.

Already deployed to clients, HARi sales has proven to be the perfect solution for sales force on site, in warehouses and for nomad sales activities.