The recap

This year, HARI’s team had the absolute honor of being a participant and exhibitor at the Start Me Up Festival 2019! This special event occurred over several days, from the 21st to the 25th of January 2019, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. On Tuesday 22nd, HARi was present at the Innovation World, booth D14, as a representative of tech innovations that help live better and smarter on a daily basis! Laurent, our Hong Kong Head of Business Development, and Omar, our Hong Kong Business Development Manager, were there to experience the thrill of the festival and tell us all about it!

The Innovation World of the Start Me Up Festival was organized in four big spaces. In each of these, around 40 booths were installed. The staff, great and helpful, as well as the public and exhibitors, enthusiastic and curious, made this event an easy-going and friendly one!
And indeed, the Festival was an obvious success as it was packed with visitors! The latter, mainly from Hong Kong and China, came to see the numerous exhibitors which flew from all over the world to take part: China and Hong Kong, but also from Australia, France, Singapore and even from the United States! Among these visitors, a lot of students wandered between the booths, crossing paths with large companies representatives such as Google or the Sino Group. With them, entrepreneurs, investors, and the press could be found in the alleys. Even one of our friends, French Creations, was there!

The exhibitors presented solutions in almost every domain: innovation, sustainability, apps, electronics, banking, artificial intelligence, Big Data, facial recognition and many more! They displayed fascinating products such as wearable baby temperature monitors, clothes made out recycled fibers, and even customized meal plan based on one’s DNA!

The team was very happy! The public enjoyed our logo, our products, our synchronized tools! A lot of demos were asked: people were very interested and curious about our innovative solutions, especially the ones specifically designed for hospitality.

Throughout this event, HARi’s team made quality encounters and even met potential prospects, such as hospitality groups and retail owners! After such a fantastic day at the Start Me Up Festival 2019, it is no surprise that HARi is already planning its presence for next year!


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