Gifted Asia Tour 2018: The Rundown

Gifted Asia Tour 2018: The Rundown


Our Gifted Asia Tour 2018 is now over. However, the knowledge we have gained from it still remains. Indeed, with hours of meetings, presentations, discussions, debates and questions, we have learned a lot from this tour. These talks appealed to a large number: entrepreneurs with gifted profiles within their team, general public intrigued by the subject, and many participants who recognized themselves in the description of atypical profiles. Following the success of these talks, it became obvious that we should continue the work we have started with this intriguing subject. Hence, new talks to sensitize about gifted minds and the yet unknown asset they may be for a company will be held, both for those who missed the previous talks and for those who want to renew the experience! These events will happen in Hong Kong as well as over Asia and will be open to all.

The confluence of participants from various backgrounds helped us identified a very important matter: the needs of our interlocutors. The need is notably strong among the gifted profiles for who coaching and support are undeniable necessities. Companies require the same attention, as they seek ways to learn how to welcome such profiles and install them in their working environment. This is why we came up with the decision to develop two new departments at HARi:

  • HARi Consulting, to help companies combine their atypical profiles with their business and marketing strategies, sales team optimization, digital transformation, data marketing method, and many others. The consultants met will themselves be gifted minds, to provide the best approach possible.
  • HARi Gifted, throughout which gifted adult experts will provide one-to-one coaching session to help gifted profiles blossom in their working environment as well as with their colleagues.

hari gifted consulting

An atypical coaching and consulting department​

Because at HARi we believe that encouraging more on the subject of gifted minds is essential, from now on, our consulting services will thus share their knowledge and expertise in this distinctive field. Indeed, atypical profiles are still too often misunderstood and their potential unseen, which is why our wish is to communicate better about this subject. In that sense, our new HARi Gifted service has been thought to strengthen knowledge, enhance understanding of the subject, and most of all, open up new horizons!

hari gifted workshops

Workshops to discover, learn, and be amazed

In 2019, we will be launching two new workshops:

  • Test Without a Test Gifted Workshop
  • How to Welcome Gifted in Companies Workshop

“Test Without a Test Gifted Workshop” is a four-hour workshop including a test session that is not really one. This unique test will help its takers to better understand themselves and see if their profile is the one of a gifted, and how to apprehend the aspects and characteristics linked to such minds.

“Gifted in Companies Workshop” is dedicated to business owners: a full-day workshop for companies to learn how to best welcome and work with gifted profiles. Our international experts will analyze the current situation and explain the multiples stakes: how to perceive the gifted minds from different points of view (HR, team, colleagues, etc.), how to work in the best way possible with them, and how to transform these atypical profiles into competitive advantages.

Following the success of our November talks about gifted minds, we are proud to present our new service HARi Gifted, dedicated to the unsuspected powers of atypical profiles! Be prepared to have your minds blown away!

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