Gifted minds and today's companies

Gifted minds and today's companies

What are gifted minds?

We usually tend to associate the terms “gifted minds” with “children”. However, adults can also be gifted. The profile seen as bold, crazy or weird might, in fact, be the profile of a gifted adult. A gifted mind is not the person who will remember your birthday, or that has not dropped out of school. The gifted mind is the person with more.

Gifted people have a number of personality traits that are not obviously connected to the criteria of intelligence and IQ. Many of these traits are in fact particularly intense feelings and emotions, leading to sometimes awkward social interactions. Because of this, gifted adults are often misunderstood and underestimated by peers, colleagues, society, and even by themselves. This explains that most of their talents and creative potential are usually underutilized or underestimated.

Then and now

Thankfully, this approach and the knowledge we have about gifted minds are evolving. Companies now actually seek and hire minds like these, as only them can sometimes solve the problems and face the challenges met in today’s ever-growing markets. World-changing revolutions have been made possible thanks to gifted minds. More and more, companies acknowledge the power of such a resource in their team.

However, these talented and creative minds cannot properly function without the act of daydreaming. This is how the gifted people learn and conceive: by thinking about, playing around with, and exploring things, ideas, pictures, concepts, sounds, smells, textures, etc. In the professional world, few companies actually understand this. Yet, these same companies now need more atypical profiles, echoes to the evolutions happening in the markets. But not prepared to find and receive such profiles, companies are often overwhelmed.

Indeed, within the contexts of this century, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and the digitalization of the professional world are revolutionizing the markets. Companies now need more abnormal and outstanding profiles, capable of taking charge of these evolutions. For instance, it is said that, in the next four years in the United States, 1.8 million positions will be vacant in the cybersecurity industry (World Economic Forum 2018 – Frederic Vezon – Aspertise/Canada).


Gifted adults have multiple talents and thus, for a company, multiple potential. Nobel laureate Dr. Herbert Simon defined creativity as a “network of possible wanderings”. However, the pressure to conform has limited the creative potential of gifted minds. Nowadays, the market needs are such that companies actually welcome and establish an adapted environment for wandering minds. Indeed, the places their brains can take them, thanks to all their interests, hobbies, talents, and life experiences, ends up more than often being the answer to a problem or the insight the company was looking for.

Looking ahead

Today, gifted minds need to be seen with a different approach: after all, they are an opportunity and not a constraint anymore. These minds are the ones that will solve the problems of this century’s markets and shape their future. For instance, did you know that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both have Asperger’s? And with this unique form of intelligence, these two have built empires that still shape our present and future!

Famous Gifted minds
Steve Jobs

Founder of APPLE company

Satoshi Tajiri

Creator of Pokemon

Isaac Azimov

Writer & Father of the modern Science Fiction


International Artist

To Know More 

If this intriguing subject interests you, know that HARi’s CEO, Pierre Stanghellini, will be the speaker and guest speaker during several talks about gifted minds. Indeed, our very own company, HARi, counts precious gifted profiles among its team and we are all extremely proud of this! 

GIFTED ASIA Tour 2018  
  • November 6th , from 8:30 am to 10 am : METTA RSVP 

  • November 8th , from 8:30 am to 10 am : The French Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong RSVP

  • November 8th , from 6:30 pm to 8 pm : The Loft by PIRATA group RSVP

  • November 13th , from 5 pm to 7 pm : Outpost Cambodia at the Green Penthouse RSVP


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