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At HARi, we are shaking up the traditional approach of Customer Relationship Management. We believe that a key component of a successful enterprise stems from making the best use of qualified data! In that sense, HARi brings together sleeping and disparate data from multiple sources into one cloud-based platform, to create segmented customer returns and loyalty, through marketing campaigns. 

hari hospitality

Our hospitality solutions are specially built for hospitality professionals. They are designed to let you reach, impress and retain your customers, from their first visit on your website to their repeated visits at your venue.

Use HARi hospitality to turn your leads into customers, boost your traffic, strengthen the loyalty rate and to increase your revenues.

hari consulting

Whether you are starting your business journey or planning an ambitious leap for your company, HARi consulting and our consultants are here, ready to help you and your business.

Thanks to their various backgrounds and diverse experiences, our consultants will know how to turn your weak points into success factors.

our goal

hari's strategy


  • Collect multichannel data 

  • Gather segmented & qualified data

  • Schedule multichannel loyalty campaigns

  • Drive and Collect

  • Analyze, review, repeat



  • Collect customer behavior

  • Activate automated campaign scenarios

  • Make your customers come back

  • Create exclusive & artistic content

  • Interact with tailor-made offers


  • Increase new customer acquisition

  • Improve leads conversion

  • Develop sales & account management campaign automation 

  • Grow revenues

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