Hospitality 2.0

Hospitality 2.0

The revolution of the F&B industry & the gifted people era

This century has witnessed a lot of changes, all over the world and throughout all markets. The hospitality market is no exception. The latter has evolved and still is. Indeed, the hospitality industry, particularly the F&B market, is in constant growth, attracting more and more competitors. Thus, the actors of this market must review their business models and budget expenses, particularly the staff’s one. Some restaurant and hotel managers, searching for a way to cut the staff number, have equipped their venues with robots: in the kitchen, at the bar, to wait tables, take orders, and even at the reception.

Some markets have already been similarly robotized, such as Uber and Airbnb, where many links, usually positions covered by humans, have been removed. However, in the Hospitality industry, the impact will be even greater. Hospitality management schools, such as the well-known European schools Vatel and Lausanne, will not anymore be the only ones to train the Hospitality leaders of tomorrow. The future is now also in the hands of the ones who will design, create, and develop innovative, even disruptive, solutions.

In the western world, these new business models are illustrated by examples such as Amazon: no matter the market this company turns to, it never leaves it without a sizeable impact. In the eastern world, Ali Baba is investing in Yum, the largest F&B group of the worldwide market, bringing new payment and delivery solutions. However, even if some restaurants are becoming entirely digitalized, others remain the same, providing a traditional cuisine and service. Some even make the traditional feature their best asset. Nonetheless, many of the remaining traditional restaurants need to react before running the risk of being eaten alive by the competition.

And to react, today’s restaurants need to use the same weapons used by these large cutting-edge groups present in the F&B market. Which weapons? The gifted minds. The gifted minds and atypical profiles are the ones who will see with fresh eyes, who will question all parameters, and who will come up with the needed answers and solutions to face the challenges of today’s market.

With this approach in mind,  HARi’s team and gifted profiles were able to design a unique POS solution, adapted to the hospitality needs of today and of tomorrow. This is why HARi has decided to hold such a talk, which aims to present a panel of what is happening today in the Hospitality industry, and what will occur in the future. This event, organized at The Loft in Hong Kong, will be animated by two experts, Pierre Stanghellini (key speaker) and Fabrice Micheau (guest speaker), and guarantees to be an eye-opening moment!

    • Analysis of the current situation   

    • Presentation of the new trends

    • Description of the new business models

    • Gifted minds: the needed resource  

    • Best practices, strategies, and study cases   

    • Exchange session with the public   

Key Takeaways
    • What is the current situation of the F&B industry?  

    • What are the new trends that should be followed?

    • What is the competitive weapon for the future?  

    • Why are atypical profiles an undeniable resource?  


Pierre Stanghellini, COO and Founder of HARi CRM

Pierre Stanghellini is the founder of the CRM company HARi, a Marketing Strategy and Business Development expert and the vice-president of the French Chamber F&B Committee. He has more than 18 years of experience in the sales & marketing field, notably in hospitality, and has worked for some of the biggest groups of the market.

Fabrice Micheau, Vice-chairman of Mensa Nouvelle Aquitaine / France

Fabrice Micheau is the vice-chairman of Mensa Nouvelle Aquitaine / France, expert on gifted adults, international speaker, (Europe, Asia, Africa),  accompaniment specialist for complex transformations in organizations (management coaching, mediation), adjunct professor at Kedge Business School France, BEM Business School Sénégal, and business leader.

If you do not want to miss this exciting event, be sure to get your spot on our Eventbrite page! 


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