Marketing Automation for the Holiday Season

Marketing Automation for the Holiday Season


Marketing automation is a process in which your campaigns are automated yet personalized. It means that you can send the adequate content to a targeted public just when you need to, no matter the time. In this way, you can nurture your prospects and turn your cold leads into warm ones, getting the latter ready for sale. Not only does marketing automation help convert your leads into future enchanted customers, but it is also the perfect means to maintain a great relationship with your current customers! You can enhance the communication with your clients, spread the news about a special offer or event to all of your database, increase the numbers of view of your newsletter campaigns, and multiply the number of bookings for special events. HARi’s marketing campaign automation is thus a loyalty booster: increase customer retention by up to 22% and customer visits by up to 53%. Your CRM system will quickly show you obvious improvements: up to 32% in sales productivity, 40% in leads, and up to 30-50% increase in revenue. To put it simply, HARi’s marketing campaign automation is an undeniable return on invest.

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to actuate such a marketing automation campaign. It is that moment of the year that comes by really fast but needs planning. With an automated marketing campaign, provide a means to prepare ahead stress-free for Christmas dinners and New Year’s Eve parties. And it is not only worry-free for the client, but for the sender as well! Indeed, when emails are sent manually, mistakes often occur: duplicates are mailed, wrong recipients are contacted, the wrong message circulates, etc. With marketing automation, your teams will spare time and avoid any confusion. Moreover, the process is very simple to set up and cost saving, so you can be ready for the holiday season!

how can hari make it happen?

On the 1st of December, launch a New Year’s Eve automated campaign with a first email to your customers and leads telling them all about the best party in Hong Kong you have arranged at your venue for the end of the year.

Invite them to celebrate with you and to book their tickets. Mid-December, two weeks before the party, a second email is sent to those who did not open the first email: it encourages them to book their tickets before it is too late. Indeed, only two weeks are left before the big night! And two days before this unique evening, a last email is addressed to let know that all early bird tickets have already been sold. This is the last chance for your client to make sure they will be part of your incredible New Year’s Eve party! In the meantime, you can organize the party and decorate your venue with a free mind, knowing the campaign is well taken care of.

Yes, it is that easy!

So, what are you waiting for to celebrate the holiday season just as you should?


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