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Improve your services on a daily basis with great and intuitive tools: HARi CRM, HARi e-loyalty, HARi POS, HARi Sales, HARi Wallet. 

customer oriented products

HARi‘s products enable you to improve the quality of your customer relationships: know your customers and their preferences better, respond to their every inquiry, predict their expectations and needs, and offer them entire satisfaction.

Sales and marketing

HARi‘s products are the trigger to a great conversion rate: organize, track and manage leads. Turn your lead opportunities into customers, launch targeted campaigns, design customized newsletters, and send irresistible offers. 


Our products are especially thought and developed to be easy-to-use and intuitive. Beautifully designed, all interfaces are clear and non-complex. Both customers and staff will adopt the products in the blink of an eye. 

Practical, reliable, efficient and fast, HARi’s products will quickly become indispensable tools.

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