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Today’s successful organizations demand a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and digitalized solutions.

This is why, to make the most out of your company’s features, HARi provides not only the best products but as well the best services to grow and expand your business. 

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website integration

Integrated with your website, our 
e-forms will alert you live in the CRM of any contact request: booking, inquiry or newsletter subscription. Build sustainable and qualified relationships with your clients.

all-in-1 plateform

A single login ID is necessary to access the entire HARi environment: all tools, data, and operations analyses on a same and unique platform. A centralized solution to save time for what matters.


Our advisory team assembles the most dedicated and talented profiles in customer relationship and marketing campaigns. Committed to delivering high-level services and smart solutions for sustainable value.

sales force optimization

Our sales force tool enables the Sales team to maximize the chances of win rate, create automated tasks and follow-up scenarios for all leads, optimize performance, and cut costs while raising sales.

live dashboards

Have access anytime, anywhere, to all the data, in real-time. Populated with valuable data, the live dashboards will meet your exact needs so you can make decisions before the end-of-the-day report.

support team

Our dynamic and skilled team takes care of you and your issues, so you can do the same for your clients. Receive fast and accurate help, answers, advice, and support from the HARi community.

email management

Create and push marketing campaigns with automatic in sync sending of emails and Facebook posts, on your choice of time and day. Render your targeted sendings as special as your recipients.

marketing tool box

Entirely digital, our marketing solutions are designed to target and automatically handle your marketing campaigns. Spend less time to create better and customizable campaigns.

All in one inclusive solution


POS system
Loyalty system
Booking system
Table management system
Inventory and stock management system
Digital marketing platform
Corporate sales platform
Predictive business system
Live data dashboard app
Pre-payment and top-up system
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